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An event requires a group of people coming together and performing as a team. We work closely with your team to execute the event, leaving you with the peace of mind you deserve. Let NLX Event Services be your point of contact, in liaising with your staff, talents, logistics and technical vendors, venue owners and event crew.

Building strong relationships with our clients by listening and re-addressing their ever-changing needs, is what keeps us relevant. To keep us ahead of the game, we foster strong relationships with your team and ours, which is a key attribute for successful events and productions.

To ensure a smooth running of your event, we can tap on our strong and reliable network of:

Specialized Staff Technical & Logistics Vendors
Project Directors
Audio, Lighting & Staging Sys.
Production Managers
Set Design & Construction
Technical Directors
Audio - Visual Systems
Technical Crew
Pyrotechnics & Special Effects
Show Producers
Musical Instrument Supplies
Sound Engineers
Outdoor Marquee & Rooftop Sys.
Lighting Designers
Event Related Logistics

Let’s make your events run like clockwork!